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We provide tailored HR consulting solutions to meet every business need.

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Do you have an HR strategy to help grow your company? When was it reviewed last? Do you have the right organization structure in place to meet your goals? We can help you define your strategy, ensure alignment of your leadership, employees, and roles to the strategy. In addition, we will help you focus on your top talent and build on their strengths.

Inspiring HR Solutions Talent Management



When you don’t have the HR staff to take care of these things, you call Inspiring HR Solutions. We can help you with:

  • Leadership coaching
  • Employee coaching
  • Employee Relations training
  • Succession management
  • Performance management
  • Exit Interview training
Inspiring HR Solutions Talent Management

Yearly Subscription

How many times do you wish you had someone to call to answer a quick HR question or to solve an HR issue with you? Introducing our yearly membership options. There are three levels of membership: Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Pay a monthly fee for this yearly membership and you receive:

  • Phone call for HR advice with response within 24 hours (during business hours)
  • Zoom or phone meeting to discuss specific staff needs
  • Waives the 1-hour consultation charge if you purchase another offering
Yearly subscription

Other Services We Provide

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I have had the great honor and pleasure of working with Linda, not once, but twice! The first time we were peers and the second time I reported to Linda in the capacity of a virtual recruiter, supporting Medical Sales Device Recruiting nationwide. Linda has only become even more amazing over the years. She is a consummate professional, with strong experience in many aspects of Human Resources and Recruiting. Those who work with or for Linda, will find that her mentoring and guidance skills moving toward powerful impacts on the organization, are extremely rare and remarkable! Linda is a diamond needle in the haystack, working well beyond the normal “requirements” of her roles, with strong experience and abilities in building organizations via strategic thought processes and actions. I would highly recommend Linda to any organization seeking a strong, powerful and successful HR Manager.
BrightStar Care
Linda Floren is probably one of the top professionals to work with I’ve ever met in my entire life. She understands complex issues even when outside of her direct area of expertise. For Linda, the job is obviously the most important thing to do. Her performance is golden. Linda Floren works far beyond the call of duty. She is a truly awesome individual.
BrightStar Care

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We care about you

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We care about you

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